“Pandovic does a good job at giving you a nice mix of what a good lifestyle you could be . He’s not all about showing you how, where, and when to wear your trendy designer shoes, jeans, pants, sneakers, all the while doing it in a super cute outfit but also providing a safe forum, a platform where you can show your fashion styles”

— Peter Aigh


Pandovic is one of the most influential fashionista in Nigeria, like most fashionista, the Abuja based founder of Naijakq writes about Models, Fashion, Beauty, Weddings, Styles, Shoes, Clothes, rounds up selections of trends.

Nigeria Fashion Kings and Queen is one of the leading fashion and lifestyle media based in Abuja. We give exclusive guide to our readers on finding a style that works for them rather than spending money on new trends that won’t. 

Nigeria Fashion Kings and Queen offers you the opportunity to show your fashion idea to the world, like bags, shoes, and sunglasses, denim looks and more, through our different channels as well as programs. That unused clothes in your closet could be the unsung hero of winter wardrobes everywhere and could offer the idea wear to explore by many. Don’t fight the urge to tone up your look as you grow.

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