An Exclusive Interview With Bertha Amuga

Interview With Bertha Amuga On Her Charity Works And Her Life As a Model

A lot of individuals today across the world remain on the correct side of history consistently. They shout out, stand firm, assemble, and make of all shapes and sizes moves to propel girl’s justice.

In today’s world activist are progressively perceiving the value of interest in young girls and young ladies, yet restricted advances have been made into accomplishing important change, especially in regions, for example, early marriage and pregnancy, maternal mortality, and gender-based violence.

Nigeria stunning model Bertha Amuga is taking a stand against social injustice against women in our community. The model discusses the significance of utilizing her foundation for good and instructing individuals on issues relating to teen-moms.

“We want to help create a society were Teen Mom’s are supported and not ignored, not just because of the moms also because of their innocent kids”

Bertha Amuga

Early parenthood has essentially influenced juvenile young ladies, yet in addition their companion, family, school and the general public on the loose. Change to parenthood need physical, mental, social and intellectual readiness; however adolescent moms are not prepared to turning into a mother.

Parenthood gets lumbering and tangled for high school moms, who persevere through maternal job and formative assignment of youthfulness at the same time. They should adjust with adulthood social jobs, actual changes of adolescence, critical mental health, and supporting of a newborn child.

The vast majority of teen moms in Nigeria are not in a decent financial condition, so change to parenthood gets risky for them.

Bertha is utilizing her organization Amuga Hope to create awareness and support for pregnant and nurturing teenagers, adjusting their lives as parent and as a young adult. Guaranteeing that young adult guardians get sufficient social and emotional, clinical, and scholastic help which is fundamental to the parent and the infant’s future.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

“My name is Bertha Amuga, model, designer and activist my dad is from Imo State and my mom from Rivers State. My early life was in port Harcourt before I moved to Lagos”

How did your modeling career begin and why modeling? 

“I was scouted in Port Harcourt years back, but also  people in the estate where we lived has always convinced me to give modeling a try, before that I wanted to be an actress I did some movies back then in Port Harcourt before considering modeling as a full time career and acting is still in the future plan”

How would you tag your modeling career so far, could we say it’s #zoom zoom zoom or #life’s not easy?

“I have and still having one of the best career in modeling  it wasn’t all rosy but I worked hard for it and God keep blessing my effort” 

When was your big break? 

“My big break took place 8 years”

What role do you think you personally have to play in the fashion world today? 

“Everyone that knows me  knows I  always go after what I want  and  never afraid to put in the work and this  has inspired so many young models and fellow colleagues to adapt such attitude towards what they want specially there career”

How has your life changed since coming into the spotlight and how do you hope to make the most of it? 

“My life changed years ago and since then I always try to extend opportunities to everyone I meet both in fashion and out of fashion industry for me it’s about giving life’s a meaning we don’t have to know each other”

Can you tell us about one of your upcoming projects that you’re particularly excited about? 

“Bertha is always working on something loll. We just released my Hols collection for the holiday and we are working on something else already which I won’t disclose (smiling)”

Most model prefer to channel their career toward America and Europe, why Asia? 

“I have been privileged to work in those continents mentioned now I just want to be in a place I love and enjoy while working and that is Dubai”

As a black model in Asia, you might have come across racisms at some point, at work, home, …how did you deal with it? 

“Well I don’t see colors everyone is equal in my sight as a model I get better treatment working abroad than working back here at home”

How can the fashion industry do better in this area?

“The Industry in Nigeria needs to learn how to play fair and with respect, and also needs to encourage/build careers”

What does it mean to you to be a woman in your industry? 

“To the best of my knowledge I will say fashion industry favors women more than men”

In your own words, what does women/girl’s justice mean? 

“To me justice means playing fair, rightfulness, lawfulness, Gender justice is a human right; every woman and girl is entitled to live in dignity and in freedom, without any fear. Gender Justice is indispensable for development, poverty reduction, and is crucial to achieving human progress”

As an advocate for women/girl’s justice issues, women empowerment I applaud and admire people like you who change the world in their different ways, what your plan so far toward it?

“I have always lived my life standing for what is right and that is what am doing with Amuga’s Hope. I don’t intend to stop because there’s a saying, silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor (ginetta sagan)”

What advice you would give to a young girl asking herself questions about self-esteem? 

“They are so many ways one can develop low self esteem and most times what causes low self esteem is trauma or abuse and some steps to getting out of the dark place is taking care of yourself, visualize as you want to be, do one thing that’s scares you once a day and  don’t forget to affirm the right word keep saying the things to yourself and see how your life suddenly turns around for good”

What do you see as the sources of male violence against women?

“First I will say it has to do with individual, followed by male dominance, low education and sense of entitlement”

Do we need to change the way we raise men? 

“Well, yes times are changing and I think is high time we change the way we raise our men starting from home. Also School-based programs can address gender norms and attitudes before they become deeply ingrained in children and youth. Such initiatives address gender norms, dating violence and sexual abuse among teenagers and young adults”

What do we do to help men change these patterns? How do we show that violence against women won’t be tolerated come 2021? 

“We have to keep creating awareness and educating our men , that Women and men are not in competition we are only demanding for fairness/respect am a strong believer that a woman should submit to the man while men should love their woman just as bible commanded”

How do you combine modeling and activism, Do you ever get overwhelmed by the work?

“Activism comes to me naturally, I always knew right from when I was very little that I wanted to change the world for good and I wish to create a world where everyone will be treat equally with same respect despite our level of education, background and class and for my career am a workaholic and working has never been such a big deal for me as long as am doing what I love”

What projects have you achieved so far and what do you intent to achieve with Amuga Hope in the long-term? 

“We want to help create a society were Teen Mom’s are supported and not ignored, not just because of the moms also because of their innocent kids that will grow up with no proper care or support most times they grow up to become threat to our society/community”

What advice do you have for up-coming models?

“My advice for upcoming models is to be focus and hardworking and also persistent”

How can people support and contribute to your organization? 

“People can be involved with AMUGA’S HOPE by reaching out to every Teen Mom around them, create awareness and educate every teenage girl to help reduce how teenage pregnancy is increasing and to donate we can be reached by, our contact no is +2348168001446 ” 

If someone today has a question, they would like to ask you about your career so far or about women empowerment, how can they get in touch?

“Our contact details as provided or on social media @amugashope @berthaamugaofficial @berthaamuga_

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