DIDI Creations Unveils New Briefcase Collection

“aim to make women feel special, sophisticated and empowered”

Tina Ndidi Ugo -drove brand Didi Creations has unveiled a new collection of briefcases for executives and business people (entrepreneurs).

The brand which is situated in the United Kingdom gives reasonable extravagance to the immortal lady who loves to make a style proclamation.

According to the brand;

The aim was to create pieces that are modern yet timeless. Small treasures that will stand the test of time and make the women carrying them feel as amazing as they truly are. Designed to keep work essentials and beauty essentials in one stylish compact bag, this timeless treasure will belong in the owner’s wardrobe forever.

They are unique because women can now have their laptops, tablets, paperwork and make up organised and in perfect condition because the bag is structured.

It is the go-to bag for every stylish female executive, and entrepreneur out there because each piece was created with the aim to make women feel special, sophisticated and empowered.

Handcrafted in Italy by local craftsmen and women, with special attention to detail; using high-quality Italian leather with a polished finish. In a world where fast fashion and cheap production is unfortunately becoming the norm, we want to treasure and support the artisanal processes that we believe luxury should stand for.

Each piece in this collection was created with the aim to make women feel special, sophisticated and empowered.

Tina Ndidi Ugo

Checkout more photos from Didi Creations collection below.

Brand: @didicreations
Photographer: Michael Stuart Daley
In H-Styling/Creative Direction: Tina Ndidi Ugo
Assistant Creative: Cynthia Chisom
Make-up Artist: Jasmina Lasota
Hairstylist: Keany Hair
Models: Lauren Lambert (@jem.models)
Shanelle Banton

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