FRUCHÉ Launches 2021 Collection- IBEJI

Nigeria fashion Brand FRUCHÉ has unveiled its new collection tagged Ibeji.

For this collection, Aghuno takes us to his Neverland. He discusses growing up as an IBEJI (Twin) in Lagos and being treated like royalty. IBEJI is the name of an Orisha representing a pair of twins in Yoruba land. Nigeria, particularly the southwest, has the world’s highest twinning rate.

The Yorubas praise the birth of twins and see it as a great blessing. During the iron age the Yorubas loved twins and worshipped them as gods, knowing that if they did not, the consequences would be dire. The Yoruba Ibeji statues of worship were crafted from wood and have ornament necklaces made from terracotta clay.

The statues are stained with important metals to resemble our beautiful African skin. The world’s largest collection of Ibeji’s are currently at the British Museum, London and not Nigeria.

For more info ON FRUCHÉ 2021 collection Click HERE.

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