Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez still in it for the long haul demises breakup rumours

Minutes after news broke that Jennifer Lopez and her life partner Alex Rodriguez had broken off their engagement the two who have been together since 2017 dismissed the rumor and revealed to CNN that all the theory was false.

The pair explained that however they are still attached, they are working through certain things. A source close to the family verified this and guaranteed their fans that both JLo and Alex Rodriguez are as yet locked in.

Beforehand, a friend of the pair told CNN and other media sources that there was inconvenience in heaven. As indicated by the anonymous individual, the two bailed and chose to cancel their wedding.

This came after Alex was blamed for cheating his bae with a TV character. In any case, the two lovers unequivocally denied the claims and named them as malignant. Jennifer didn’t allow the savages to get to her.

A reality star named Madison LeCroy guaranteed that she was becoming acquainted with Jennifer’s life partner Alex on a more profound level and bits of hearsay began to whirl that he was cheating.

Madison LeCroy claimed that she had been conversing with Alex on the telephone yet they’ve never officially met. Alex, then again, said that he’s never at any point met her actually.

It seems Jennifer Lopez and her man are still in it for the long haul or at least they said so.

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