Malcolm & Marie Star Zendaya and John David Washington Cover W Magazine

Malcolm and Marie drives Zendaya and John David Washington star on W Magazine ‘s most recent cover. Enlivened by Slim Aarons’ famous photograph of C.Z. Visitor from the ’50s, which embodied advantage, the idea of the cover picture was to supplant the customary thought of white society with one of a Black couple carrying on with a comparatively extreme way of life.

“The visuals matter,” said Zendaya’s long-lasting beautician Law Roach, who styled the shoot close by Samantha McMillen. “The way change happens is when people can see wealth and grandeur in a way that they are not used to seeing it.”

Going with the publication lensed by Nadine Ijewere with styling by Law Roach and Samantha McMillen, the two actors talk about the Netflix film, bigoted (racist) remarks from the 2015 Academy Awards honorary pathway and more.

Probably the most striking pictures from the shoot are shots of Zendaya and Washington hitting the dance floor with one another in the house. Zendaya in a shocking Miu dress and Washington in a Dior men’s shirt, the photographs feature the pure chemistry the two have with one another.

As per the piece, that second was really an off the cuff one. It reads:

“When Zendaya changed into a pair of shorts and a matching lace top that resembled C.Z. Guest’s set in the Slim Aarons photo, Washington complimented her look. She playfully hit him on the arm, and they did a kind of impromptu dance..

Later, that dance was worked into a series of photos: Zendaya twirling in a sorbet-hued mini dress with a large pink bow, while Washington smiled.”

Zendaya’s blonde look in the shoot was also an intentional statement.

“Crucial to that concept was Zendaya’s insistence on being blonde,” the piece explains. “Much like her experiments during quarantine, this offered her a chance to create a new persona. Her teased bouffant was both a jab at the traditional stereotypes of white women and a way to instantly become a character.”

Reviewing the 2015 occurrence when E! anchor Giuliana Rancic disclosed her hair to “smell like patchouli oil and weed,” Zendaya opens up:

That’s how change happens and it made me think, ‘How could I always have a lasting impact on what people saw and associated with people of color?’”

The meeting proceeds with Washington describing when he and the Euphoria star initially met on set for Malcolm and Marie:

“I didn’t know Zendaya and I hadn’t seen her in anything but Euphoria. When we met, we instantly connected. She was wearing her hoodie and glasses and no makeup. She struck me instantly as a quiet, powerful force,” he says.

More photos from the W Magazine shoot below.

You can click HERE to read the full conversation with Zendaya and John David Washington.

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