Exclusive Interview with Temidayo Esther

Temidayo Esther landed her first runway at Arise fashion week 2019, trailed by noteworthy turns at Fashions Finest Africa 2019, and GT Fashion Weekend.

It’s difficult to accept that modelling wasn’t Temi’s first calling, the 18-year-old fits the form of the adaptable and elegant young ladies Mahogany is known for bringing to the front. Maybe it’s a result of hard work, or essentially innate, yet at only 18 years of age, there is something in particular about Temidayo that is easily astute beyond her years.

Signed to Mahogany Agency in 2019, she immediately procured a spot on a portion of the top runways across the country–Arise fashion week 2019, Fashions Finest Africa 2019, and GT Fashion Weekend to name a few.

Checkout our exclusive interview with Temidayo Esther and what she have to say below.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Temidayo Esther. I am from Ogun state, I am 18, presently with Mahogany.

How and when you were first scouted?

That was 2019 march. I had a tutor here who taught me how to catwalk. I decided to send my catwalk video as well as photos to different modelling agencies. I went for casting and then Mahogany responded to my email almost immediately. I was told to visit their office the following week, which I did. That’s how I was scouted.

Are you pursuing modeling as a career or just for fun?

A career definitely.

What really inspired you to pursue modeling as a career?

Actually, it was my sister. Initially, I never had interest in modelling, it’s was all my sister idea and passion. But she never had the chance because of school and other project. She introduce me to modelling, along the way I developed passion for it.

What is your modeling dream job?

That will be to walk Victoria secret.

How easy have you found the balance between studying and modelling? Is your agency supportive of your studying commitments?

Sincerely its had not been easy. I guess its been God all through, because I cannot do all on my own. Trying to navigate from place to place isn’t easy. I have the support of my parents, my agency as well, they have been very supportive. That have reduce the stress and that have increase my drive to do more and not to disappoint either the agency and everyone looking up to me.

I have learnt to see possibility in everything whether its coming from critics or not. Having critics is actually good. I believe whenever I get criticize from anyone specially in the modelling industry, I just have to see the positive side of it and use it to do better. I don’t let get to me.

After modelling, how do you hope to use your degree in the future?

I am studying the technological aspect of pharmacy. I plan to have a drug industry. I really want to use my degree. It wont be easy though, nothing comes easy. I believe when I come to that bridge I will cross it.

Which brand are you looking forward to model for?

There are a lot of brand I would love to work with, top of my list is vogue. I would love to work with Nike, Fendi, Chanelle as well.

What would you say has been the highlight of your career so far?

That would be my very first show, Arise Fashion Week 2019. It’s was a big task for me. That has been my highlight so far. Through Arise I got featured on vogue and also model idea.

Temidaya at Arise Fashion Week 2019

What are some core style principles you always stick to, no matter how trends change?

I Temidayo Esther always go for what fit me.

Who has been influential to you in the industry?

My catwalk tutor Miss Immaculate, she actually gave me the courage, she taught me how to behave in the industry, how to take critics. My sister as well, she always encourages me.

If you could wave a magic wand and change something within the Nigeria fashion industry, what would you choose and why?

The Nigeria fashion industry today, they always want to use the top faces only. Top models do have advantage over up coming models. They should give up coming models the chance to partake in big jobs. It shouldn’t all be about models they know. Yes connection is well involve in modelling, they do give jobs to models they are well connected to. A lot of models do not have this connection, they should be given a chance.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Well I know progress is steady, everyone is a work in progress. I can’t say specifically this is where I will be in five years, but what I am sure of is the fact that I won’t be in the same place. I would be way higher than I am now.

How do you stay in shape?

I have a good body, I don’t do much. I think it’s my family trait. No matter what I take, I don’t grow fat. Generally though for all models, we do drink a lot of water, fruits. Personally I don’t take no precaution.

What else are you interested in, aside from fashion?

Hair styling and fashion Designing.

How do you spend your free time?

I love to surf about fashion a lot and I love to dance as well.

What are some things very few people know about you?

I an a kind of therapist (smiling), I could read someone and give counsel.

Do you have any philosophy to live by?

Yes. If you cannot control it, let it be.

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