Exclusive Interview With Model – Blessing Ogechi Udeji

ENROLE Model Blessing Ogechi Udeji, who has a nearly incredible figure, regular hair and a cool, gathered disposition is one of just a small bunch of models whose looks can be changed from appearances in extravagance editorials, where balance and delicacy are needed.

Originally from Imo State, currently residing in Abuja, the 23-year-old has joined the ranks of models in the country, expanding society’s beauty standards through fashion, style, beauty.

We decided to ask her if she would care to answer a few questions in an official capacity, below you can find our exclusive interview with one of the stand-out model Blessing Ogechi Udeji Enjoy!

Exclusive Interview with Blessing ogechi Udeji

Hi Blessing, hope you are staying safe and healthy.

Yea, I am. Thanks for asking.

Tell us a bit about yourself, who’s Blessing Udeji behind gorgeous photos?

I am Blessing Udeji, born 10 April, from Imo state. I am introverted and I am outgoing. In a bit of all, I have my own touch of confidence. I am self conscious as well, overall of everything am a happy child.

How did you end up becoming a fashion model?

I saw a flier regarding scouting form my Agency Enrole Modelling agency. I just tried it out by sending my polaroid.

What’s the coolest thing about being a fashion model?

Getting to travel and meeting different people.

Who inspires your personal style?

That’s definitely me. I always dress in a way I feel comfortable, What I wear is based on my mood I believe I inspire my personal style.

Tell me about your most memorable fashion moments.

When I walked my first fashion show, Maculu fashion show. I couldn’t forget the feeling. When I walked UBA fashion show 2019 as well because it was a different scene from what I have been doing.

What aspect of a modeling career you find difficult and what is the most important quality you need to have?

When a designer feels you don’t fit the cloth, I had issues like that. It is very difficult, I have the features of a model, my stats are great but sometimes Nigeria fashion designers prefers someone a little bit thicker in size, waist, hips. Sometimes it’s difficult when you go for fitting, you don’t get called back.

Blessing Shoot for Mide King

You’ve done some incredible photo shoots! What are some of your favorite fashion shoots that you’ve done so far?

My fav of all is the shoot I had with Mide King visuals because I was comfortable and its turn out to be very nice.

When you’re doing a shoot, do you often or ever contribute to the ideation or the direction of shoots?

Yea I do. Most poses I give is like a contribution. If I don’t pose well the photos wouldn’t turn out nice. Most poses I give I feel are enough contribution form the shoot. Sometimes I style my dress for a shoot.

What’s your favorite part of a photo shoot day?

That is the end product which comes after the shoot (smiling). Sometimes a shoot last for hours, most times you are on heels trying to get a particular pose right, It’s tiring and stressful. I prefer the end part because, it like a reward for the hard work, which is viewing the pictures.

What is one brand you would LOVE to model for that you haven’t yet?

That would be fenty. I love fenty a lot, Rihanna’s fashion show doesn’t discriminate. What ever size, height, race you are, you can walk her show and her product are really nice.

Any lessons that you’ve learned in fashion that you’ve applied?

You should have confidence, a lot of people would try to bring you down. If you are confident, whatever they tell you would not really get to you. You already know who you are, what you want and where you are going.

Do you use social media and what is you preferred social network and why?

Instagram. A lot of people uses the app to share their content to a wide range of people. It is easier for models and their content to be notice. There are a lot of other apps like Facebook but I prefer Instagram.

Who are your favorite people to follow on Instagram?

Mayowa Nicholas, Adut Akech and Iman Mohamed.

What do you hope to be doing 10 years from now?

I will want to be chilling (smiling). Career wise- I would love to have my own shoe brand, I love shoes. Apart from modelling, I am into IT, web designing. 10 years from I hope I would have gone far with all this.

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